Monday, May 27, 2013

Incredible day

You might get tired of the barrage of photos, but seriously...

The weather here is amazing. The skies are so blue. It is the perfect temperature. I'm so mad I left my "real" camera at home so you will have to make due with my iPhone pics. 

High school girls from Alaska graciously gave Lucy and her girlfriends here at camp these tutus and crowns at the volleyball tournament today. They were in heaven.

This is the panoramic shot from the rodeo tonight. I mean...look at the sky. The clouds on the mountains. It was incredible.

I can't help it, I love seeing these girls everywhere I turn! 

We have some campers here with sensitivity to firearms, so we the program guys improvised and used slingshots tonight. Hilarious. Trust me. 

We are doing great here and can't believe that it is only Monday! All of friends back home are heading to school tomorrow and we have a big pool party on tap here. Life at camp is grand! 

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