Friday, May 31, 2013

The Night That Never Ends

We had the "Night That Never Ends" at camp on Wednesday night.

All of camp gets dressed up in 1890's Western wear and we have a giant spaghetti dinner, carnival, a conclusion to the program with a crazy opera and then a giant square dance. All of this takes place from  7pm until midnight.

It is one of the best nights of the week and it can only be captured in pictures.
The kids were waiting to head down to the infield. We can't let the high schoolers know about "cowboy night" so we have to hideout in our cabin. Check out all the details in this picture. You can see our cabin was built in the 1930's. A real frontier cabin with rough hewn logs. It is like Little House on the Prairie. 

 This is the kids favorite night!

My high school girls on Work Crew. Both dressed hilariously.

You can see how magical the night is. Of course, it did end up snowing! It was SO COLD! 

This is our Buncombe County YL crowd out here. We are missing one guy who was busy setting up the sound. On the far left is our NEW INTERN Jimmy! 

And you can see if here the video scrapbook of the week so far: Frontier Ranch Video Scrapbook

It has been a fun week so far. We are hoping for the weather to warm up next week. The middle of this week has been a bit cold with a little snow but nothing like Crooked Creek which saw actual accumulations yesterday! GEEZ!

We are so glad to be here. Asher discovered the joy that is playing frisbee golf and has had a huge amount of adventure with his buddy Charlie and Lucy is having so much fun with all the little girls here.

We are just one week into this! Three weeks to go :)

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