Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sharing in Hope

I can not believe it!

You--MY PEOPLE--helped me to leapfrog the $2000 fundraising in just two days and now we are onto $3000! It is crazy!

The person who donated $110 to push me into the $3000 category is a friend that I met through my friend Amy Patwa. Her memory is who I am running for.

Because of her I found out about Inheritance of Hope. She is basically the whole reason I am passionate about fundraising for Inheritance of Hope, so that another family can have an experience like hers.

This is Amy:
Isn't she just beautiful? 

My friend Stephanie's donation sent me to Amy's facebook page, which then sent me to her blog and then I found myself blubbering like a baby all because I was just so sad that she was gone. 

On her blog she last wrote about her 6th wedding anniversary, the 32nd month of her daughter and then the family's trip with Inheritance of Hope to the Magic Kingdom. 
And it is just beautiful to read. 
It makes you want to volunteer, give money, become a counselor-do whatever it takes because you realize these families have so little time. 

Amy, Adam and Charis when to the Magic Kingdom in May and by August she couldn't walk anymore. 

Christmas she was in the hospital. 
New Years passing away. 

This May, Mother's Day passed and they had no Amy to celebrate with. 
How does that happen? How does life pass so quickly?

Here is a small snapshot of what Inheritance of Hope does while on a retreat from Amy's blog:

"each volunteer then brought their family a photo album they made.  they didn't just throw some pictures in a book.  although, if they had i would not complain.  it was a scrapbook with paper and scripture and pictures.  in 20 pictures it told the story of our two previous days.  i totally cried.  see, i knew jessica was taking pictures and we'd get them.  but i was thinking we'd get a disc.  i had no idea we'd get hard copies of pictures.  i would have gotten the disc, uploaded them and that would have been it.  instead, i have a fun scrapbook album plus about 40 other pictures i put in another album.  i miss pictures.  and now we can look through our albums any time.  it was such a gift. "

I lament all the time that I never print pictures anymore and make photo books. 
These families don't have anymore time than me. They are SICK. 
Inheritance of Hope gives them this gift! 

Their kids can hang onto it for the rest of their lives. This is just one small example. 
They send them on dates, make Legacy videos as a family, do a million little things in one small week, that turns out to be a REALLY big week when you think how quickly time gets away from you. 

I am astounded at the response so far in the fundraising. 
I can't believe that we are in the $3000's.
 It is definitely motivating me to run. 
No problem. 
I can do it because others can't. 


Amy Noll said...

I love this so very much. I can't think of a better reason for you to run!

Meredith said...

i just got the 2014 retreat dates if you or anyone wants to volunteer with us on a retreat :) let me know meredith@inheritanceofhope.org