Monday, August 19, 2013

One Week

We have one week left in summer. ONE WEEK.


One week ago we were the beach living it up in the 98 degree heat. This week, I am at work in 65 degree rain wearing a sweater. It is quite a pendulum swing!

But the beach was great. We played, we ran, we swam, we did the Harlem Shake. Oh yes we did.

Isn't that something?

on our way to the land of white beaches and emerald water! Also known as the Redneck Riviera!

We picked Lucy up early from her camp and got there three hours early. We were pumped! The hour time difference makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! 

Lucy and her cousin Sarah got right down to business being best friends again. 

I had a huge task ahead of me the next morning. I ran 12 miles in 90+ degree heat. Thought I was going to die. Instead I was just gassed the rest of the trip. Good times. 

Played games to stay out of the mid-day sun. Hilarious!

Asher received a guitar for his birthday from his RiRi. The BackBeach Band was in full effect every night. 

You can't help but snuggle these cuties. 

These two were hilarious all week long. Ever been around a 10 year old and 8 year old boy? You need two things, a ball and swords. That's it. 

What happens at the beach house stays at the beach house. 

Sword fight with noodles.

Becomes a bigger sword fight with Matt. 

Becomes a MASSIVE sword fight with every kid in the house. 

I went to the store and Matt had draped his undies to dry on my car. Didn't know it until I came out of Publix. Living the redneck life for sure. 

Taking a moment to cool off in the doorway of Coldstone Creamery. Shortly after this we had to teach the kids how to sprint for a mile due to a downpour. 

This was our last morning there. It was so stinking beautiful! Isn't that always the way it is? The most amazing weather is on the day you leave? 

These boys are crazy together. I love them so much.

Not ready to leave the beach at all. 

It's true! I love Panama City Beach! 
We had a great vacation! So much so that we never even slowed down to 1) take a group picture or 2) just take a family picture. Huge regrets!

We had a great time and are counting down until we get another chance to go. It was the perfect way to wrap up our summer.

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