Saturday, August 24, 2013

Training Update: Week 6

This was a legit week for training. I ran 38.1 miles and much of the week I had to work really hard to get those miles in. Matt was out of town at a YL camp so I had to reorder my day a few times, but managed to accomplish my goal by getting up at 5:30 in the morning twice this week and running during lunch once. 

These shoes are shot. I bought new shoes that I will break in starting Monday. Equipment shout out to Brooks shoes! Love these puppies! 

Yep. I ran 14 miles today. At mile 11, at the end of the 1658 foot hill--literally at the peak, a bee jumped on my ankle and stung me. It hurt like crazy! I poured a little water on it, stared in disbelief and then we went on. One of the ladies in the group suggested we find a plantain leaf and mastacate and place it on the sting. I loved that suggestion so much. It's the kind of thing that you will only hear in Asheville. Or in the middle of a heart thumping, brain-melting run. 

I ran more miles this week-FASTER! That means I'm getting so much stronger and feel awesome. This was a great week because I dialed back my effort but that somehow enabled me to run faster, easier. I'm learning!

We ran a huge amount of the Asheville 1/2 Marathon course today and it felt great. I was glad to get 14 miles in-its literally the farthest I've run in 13 years. Since my last marathon! 

Gear of the Week:
Brooks shoes. Love my Pure Cadences. These are my second pair. Just bough a new pair but trying out a pair of Brooks Pure Connects. We will see!

Hammer Gel: Espresso flavor
I took this about four miles into my 14 miler today and it was perfect. It has 50mg of caffeine and an easy flavor to take down. Not too sweet and not chalky. 

My bed: going to sleep early has been crucial this week. With school starting on Monday, fitting training runs into our lives is about to get real. 

Thanks as always for following along with the fun! 70 days until the marathon! 

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