Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Day 9: #Sharingstreak John Mark and Karin Sloan

John Mark and his wife Karin on Halloween this past year. Their children were the Very Hungry Caterpillar, the Very Beautiful Butterfly and they were the fruit the children had eaten through. I love creative costumes!

John Mark is my husband Matt's cousin and he and his wife have been long-time supporters of my running with Inheritance of Hope. They are doctors at Boston Medical Center and they sent a message to me through Facebook sharing their support for Inheritance of Hope and why John Mark is a specialist in Oncology.  
"Hi Leslie-

In college I would go to church each week and try to figure out which direction my life should take.  Every week, different members of the congregation would request prayers for their friends and relatives with cancer.   One day,  it occurred to me that God was using this to  literally tell me what to do with my life.     My work as an oncologist at a hospital that serves predominantly poor and vulnerable patients is the result of that calling.    My wife Karin works at the same hospital.   Cancer patients who are parents of young children have problems the rest of the world can’t even bear to imagine.    You are running for a good cause."
--John Mark Sloan

I'm so grateful for this message! It was such an encouragement to me in the middle of this running streak and attempt to raise money for families with terminal illness. 

We are once again at the end of the #sharingstreak! I'm always excited to see who will answer the call and decide to jump in to have their story known and shared. 

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