Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Ending of the #SharingStreak

The #sharingstreak was so much fun wasn't it? Over $690 was raised in 10 days! Incredible! Families lives will be changed forever! I am so blown away by the generosity and by the stories that were shared here.

it was incredible the amount of stories that came out in the news and on my Facebook feed during those ten days of incredible heartache, loss and joy through cancer, sickness, research and triumphs. My heart has been so tender to the ups and downs of others through this process. Wanting to hear and see what others are going through tends to make you more attentive! WHO KNEW?!

With that, on my sweet husband was chopping up some firewood in our front yard and ended up accidentally putting an axe (actually a mawl) into the top of his foot. We threw our kids at our neighbors, called a friend (Thanks AMY NOLL!) to come and grab them whenever she could and we went Urgent Care. Matt sliced through a part of a tendon and needed 12 stitches but it could have been soooo much worse (like losing a toe so much worse). We were thankful!

But his mobility was drastically reduced.  He was limited to the couch for a few days and he was in a pretty good amount of pain.

I realized that I am not the most patient caregiver in the world. I tried.
I really did.

Because I really wanted to be nice, thoughtful, caring, giving, LOVING.
But I got over it.

And I like help. I like not doing life on my own. And I like my husband doing the things that I hate doing.

And when he wasn't doing them, I got grumpy. And not so servant-like. And I was sorta annoyed that he put the axe in his foot. I was blaming him. FOR AN ACCIDENT! In case you are wondering, I am an awesome wife. Everyone should want to be married to me.


The reality of what it takes to go through life with a terminal illness hit me like a ton of bricks and I saw what a brat I was. So I tried again. And I failed again. I asked for forgiveness. And I tried again.

Then it hit me, this is really why people need a vacation from THEIR PROBLEMS (like Bob says in What About Bob). Because caregiving (even with Jesus by your side) is hard dang work.

Now Matt is up and about and totally fine and we are back to normal. It has taken all of 11 days out of our lives. That is nothing! I have a hard time imagining 9 months, 16 months, 3 years. The rest of your days together.

And I am so glad to get to run to give this time to these families. Thank you to all of my supporters who have donated and those of you who have read. I am nearly 1/2 way to my goal. Feel free to donate and help me get there! I won't make you share!

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