Thursday, July 5, 2007

Firecracker 5k

Yesterday was a celebration of my favorite day of the year. At least, in Weaverville. For the starts with the Firecracker 5k. It used to be a hokey little race with Nic Seig and David Dail running in pink bunny suits, smoking cigarretes and winning the dang thing. But now, it is a pretty serious race with over 350 participants. After the 5k, you go back home and cook up something to bring to the Annual Troyer Potluck. The Troyers get to have this little party because they live right off of Main Street Weaverville. So about 50 people come over and eat and then head up to Main Street because there are thousands of locals milling about with the requisite fanny packs, cigarette dangling from their lips and amazing conversations to overhear. Also, Tuxedo Junction is playing and they are possibly the greatest utility rock cover band in America. There are little kids dancing right next to rednecks getting their freak on, next to granny and grandpa doing the foxtrot. It is a little slice of America right here in our back yard. If Norman Rockwell was still alive...he'd be in Weaverville painting the 4th of July.

So yesterday, I got up early to go run the 5k. I was only doing it because I knew Natalie Knauer was and since she is bizarro Leslie and I am bizarro Natalie, I had to go run. I ended up hanging with Shaunna Wild who led me around town. She placed 2nd in her age group and I finished 3rd in mine! 26:04 ain't bad for a lady of two kids! Also, Asher ran in the fun run...I mean he only made it about 1/4 of a mile...but he was in his crocs and there were firetrucks and police cars everywhere so he got distracted.

We ended the day with fireworks in the grass behind the Troyers and it was lovely.


Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine Asher getting distracted by fire trucks! Still, running a quarter of a mile is pretty good! I will definitely try to schedule a Fourth in Weaverville!

Anonymous said...

You ROCK! I cannot, however imagine Asher getting distracted by firetrucks! I am proud of him, too. We will have to schedule a Fourth in Weaverville!

Michelle said...

You are one FIRECRACKER girl! I think you look HOT in those pics and I am so proud of you for running and placing 3rd in your age group. I mean, I can barely even hike up my own dang driveway. Just kidding.
Now I think I'm gonna have to join RiRi and all the other freakies to be in Weaverville for the 4th one of these days. Very cute blog today!

Robin said...

oh, yes. your description was RIGHT ON! but did you SEE the lady(?) with a blue bikini on & tight, short, red shorts & a white netted shirt on top? Tell me you did.

the visual of the bunny suits & cigs is straight crackin me up!!!!

you are a rock star. you are a B.A. no lie.

love you