Sunday, July 15, 2007

We are here!

We are in camp and all moved into our rooms. It is so great to be out of a single hotel room for the four of us. At one point yesterday, three out of the four of us were crying at the same time. Yes, it was THAT hard.
We had two pack and plays, nine bags, four people and a hotel that has not heard of the invention called "soundproofing."

It sucked.

Lucy was still not feeling well and so she needed to take a nap. Which meant that Asher and I couldn't leave the hotel, but we also didn't have anywhere else to go. So we sat in the hallway and colored and watched the Wiggles on my laptop. For two hours.

Then we went to the playground down the street and Asher had lots of fun playing with the older kids on our assignment. They saved me. Seriously.

We went to lunch at another park and I just about lost it there. Both kids were exhausted. I mean, we are two hours behind what they are used to and so noon lunch is really 2pm to their body clocks. I am not exactly rigid about my kids schedules, but they are used to some semblance of a routine and we have not been in one for days. Also, I was nearly out of formula, diapers and baby food and we have NO CAR. So I had to ask someone else to pick up all of these essentials, which is really frustrating when you are used to being able to do everything yourself.

So we left the lunch and went right back to the hotel where Asher laid down to take a nap, but Lucy didn't want to. So she cried for two hours straight. In the hallway. Because otherwise she would have woken Asher. Finally, I had enough. I made her lay down in her pack and play and she cried until she woke him up. Then I picked him up, picked her up. Put them both in my bed. Asher kept saying, "Wiggles, Wiggles!" so I went to put the video on. But I left my laptop in the hall, I went to retrieve it and my hotel room door slammed behind me. I heard Asher crying and get out of the bed, which then knocked Lucy over crying. I was standing outside of the room crying because I was so TIRED and because I was now locked out of the hotel room, with both of my babies being locked in a hotel room and everyone crying. Good times.

After about a minute, another mom walked by and she ran to get me another key and I managed to get in and lay Lucy down. She fell asleep immediately, of course. And Asher was now awake for the rest of the afternoon. So I made him watch the frickin' Wiggles, Little Einsteins and Mary Poppins from 3pm to 5pm while I just laid in bed next to him trying to recover from this wretched afternoon.

At 5, we got to go to camp to welcome all of the Summer Staff and Work Crew. I had sufficiently recovered to take both kids up there but I was battling a migraine from all of the crying. But, it soon went away and we had a great time there. Unbelieveable.

It is hard that a day that went so poorly had to lead into our time getting to camp. You never want to feel this tired, worn out and angry before you have done a single thing on property. But I sure was.

So today was a great relief to move into our suite. Asher has his own room and Lucy is sleeping in our room in a closet. Camp looks beautiful. We welcomed 300 kids to camp today from Texas, Alabama, Kansas, Arkansas, Florida and Minnesota. About 70 kids have never been to YL club before, much less camp. 15 kids are here in a juvenile detention program. This is a tough week of camp and we have had kind of a rough start. Program hasn't quite meshed yet, music struggled a bit and kids aren't as into it as anybody is used to. Feel free to pray for us because I think everybody is feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Also, feel free to pray for me as I am definitely on edge after these last few days that have been so hard and draining. I have noticed that any little hiccup along the way is setting me on fire. I hate that within myself and I know that it can be contagious to those around me. Pray for me to be content here.

I will keep you updated!


Michelle said...

Oh, my Leslie. What a hard way to transition into a month of camp life. As soon as I read that you got locked out of the hotel room with the kids inside, I couldn't believe that your day had gotten even harder. I would have cried too..and probably before that had happened.
I will pray for a better day today and the whole Young Life team. I actually went to bed last night just imagining the hurdles everyone must face in terms of working out the details, getting to know one another and dealing with their own personal lives. I'm sure its thrilling, exhausting and rewarding all in one.
Be patient with yourself and know that I'm praying for you & miss you like crazy. --Your big sista

Anonymous said...

I know it won't really help but, you know, I have travelled a few miles with little ones and I know how hard it is. Please, forgive yourself for moments of frustration. You are a great mom who is coping as well as can be expected under tough conditions.
It sounds like a tough crowd; you're all in my prayers. Yo mama

Buffy said...

Oh girl...I am so sorry. I know that Satan is trying to make this as hard as possible and I am just so sorry. I must say that I laughed out loud about your getting locked out of the hotel room (after I read that you got right back in). That's classic. I am definitely praying for you and for the whole team. Praying you can take a deep breath of thin air and eat a big camp cookie. Love you! -Buff