Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ahh the hilarity

I found a bunch of pictures today while I was cleaning up around the house and I thought that I would share them with you.

If you want to see the details in these pictures, click on them and they will get bigger.

WARNING: These are going to embarrass my family and myself so I am going to have some comments that are going to be less than savory I am sure!

This is a picture of my sister, Shellie and I. I have no idea how old I am, but I am guessing less than a year old. That would make my sister probably eight years old. We might have still be living in Las Vegas at the time. I actually really like this picture.

Here I am in the sixth grade. This was my cool phase. That's right, I was cool at one point. With my giant bangs, perm and my WAY cool vest, I was a hit in the sixth grade. This is when I might have peaked. Except that I was busy trying to fail out of the sixth grade in my attempt to be so COOL. Awesome.

This is my little brother Drew and me. I might have been in the 2nd grade. I can tell because of the monstrosity that is my bowl cut haircut. My mom tried to cut my hair into a bob and she had to keep cutting to even it up. Awesome.

This is my sixth grade soccer team, the Falcons. I was so good that I didn't even have to wear my hair in a ponytail. There I am, on the bottom left hand row. You can tell it's me by the bangs. Awesome.

This is my sister Shellie and my mom. They were at a cafe outside of Madrid, Spain in this picture. I have no idea what they are doing. But I LOVE the huge glasses, the perm my sister is rocking and the Wham! pose both of them are striking. Awesome.

Oooh OOh OOOOOOH! This is a GREAT picture. You might miss it at first glance so I will point out the awesomeness to you. 1. Santa and Mrs. Clause are both Korean. 2. I am in the sixth grade (my hair tips me off) and I am sitting on Santa's lap, which makes me feel VERY awkward. 3. I am wearing acid washed jeans. 4. My hair was looking especially good that day. 5. You could supply a wig to Locks of Love from my eyebrows. AWESOME.

This is a family portrait at my grandparents house in Lakeland, Florida. Everyone in the picture looks really cute and tan. Except for me in my JU bike riding hat that was all the rage that summer. I mean, who thought that was a good idea? Was I cyclist when I was 12 and I didn't know it? I am also as big as my mom, yet I am sitting on my dad's lap. AWESOME.

In this picture, if my memory serves me correctly...I crashed a spend the night party that my sister was having. They were doing some kind of scary makeup party or something and they decided to go to TOWN on me and Shellie. Hey, at least we have a funny picture out of it! Awesome.

So that's that. As I find more pictures from my past, I might put them up later!


Anonymous said...

I love these! I think I actually took that picture at your grandparents in Lakeland...we were living in Tampa and had come to visit for the day...Ned and I were there with our baby boy, Burton, and I remember that day were so cute! The first photo must have been on the beach at Chickasaw, and oh how I wish someone had a video clip of u and that little "dance" u used to do down at the beach...these are, as u say, AWESOME! Love you, Mary

Spooner said...

Ummm...Wow. The bigger the hair, the closer to heaven so that proves it was your peak. Best post EVER.

Michelle said...

I really can't believe you have these pictures AND are able to place them in your memory with such detail. Naturally, they make me cringe but also laugh really hard.
Name your price on the other photos you have of me in my tomboy phase. I will do whatever it takes to keep those away from Pat and the kids.

MJG said...

I can't decide what I love the most, the Korean Santa or the flip-up bike-riding hat....

Jessica Freas "Freeze" Kenny said...

Wow... blast from the past... I remember those "I am so cool, just look at my hair and vest days"...

Been there... done that!

Thanks for the laughs.

wes mcmurray said...

Wes and I love keeping up with you on your blog. I am hooked. The pictures and your comments made me laugh out loud, you are too funny!!
I miss you.

Buffy said...

MMMM - I must say that my fave is the Korean Clauses. Too hilarious.

Anonymous said...

hi leslie! where are u? i miss ur blog! love ya, mary newc