Sunday, September 30, 2007

A little tip

I hav a ton of news and weekend events that I took FABULOUS pictures of, unfortunately I can't seem to locate my connector cord for my camera. So, I am going to give you a little tip instead.

My sister-in-law Buffy has twin girls who are on different formulas. When the girls were about a month old, I sent them a gift of personalized rubber bands that can go around their bottles that are in the fridge, or go with them to the nursery at church, babysitters etc.

People have raved about them and I have to admit, I am now wanting some myself. Here is my tip, it is the PERFECT baby present or shower present (if the mom to be has a name picked out!). They are NOT expensive and personalized gifts are always better than something just off of the registry. You get to look like the "thoughtful" friend rather than the paint-by-number friend. And who doesn't want to be that friend?

An even better tip? Order the bands, buy the bottles she has registered for, put the bands on the bottles and include a can of formula. We all know breast milk is best, but it is a great deal to have a can on hand just in case.

So here is the website that you can order from:

They are called Bumpy Name Orbit Labels because they actually put your child's name in Braille too. Pretty cool.

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