Sunday, December 23, 2007

Close-Up of the Buckle Ring

Here's a close-up of the ring I mentioned in my earlier blog. I just happened to have gotten a manicure today, so please admire the hot red nails along with the ring.


Buffy said...

Shellie - just got online finally and must say that I LOVE the buckle ring...and the maincure! Thanks for the story.

For us recently the twins got baptised and my mom gave me my baby cameo ring that I used to have. We let Maggie wear it on the twins' special day. Also, Mag wore a locket that was my mom's that mom gave Maggie on her baptism day 4 years ago. It was sweet!

Anonymous said...

shellie - you did a great job on leslies blog. i too love my buckle ring! ned gave me mine for our 20 year wedding anniv on nov 28th! it is yellow gold, and melted down from gold that your mom gave to ned from some old jewelry and some is from bob's wedding band from what i understand. obviously it is very special to me. both boys have received theirs and love them. they are in safe keeping until they are grown men old enough to wear them. for me, i have some other sentimental and beautiful jewelry. one that stands out is the ring i now wear as my wedding band. my mom had it designed 35 yrs ago. it has 3 diamonds - one from the engagement/wedding ring of my mom's from my father; one from my granny belle's wedding ring (my mothers mom) and the other from my grandmother fox (my father's mother) -- the diamonds mean so much and it is the only ring that would do after my engagement ring/wedding band were stolen in a house robbery in 1998. i went for 2 years not wearing any other ring because no ring was as special as my engagement diamond. i would just cry whenever ned brought home any other ring. then, my mother said she wanted me to have hers. nothing could have been more dear to me that that. thanks again for the chance to share that! love you, mary