Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New House?

Matt and I went to see a house last with our amazing realtor Julie May. She heard about this property that was listed with an agent but was in foreclosure proceedings...so she wanted us to see it since it was going to be very cheap (compared with the rest of the market).
We went to see it and to make a long story short, it seems like a great opportunity for us.
Nothing is set in stone, but we did go to the bank today and they approved us for the financing. Now, we have to get our house in order to sell, make an offer, and hope that it comes through. We won't find out until right before Christmas if we get it or not. since it is in foreclosure, the decision belongs to the judge presiding over the case. But here are some pictures. (Click on the pictures to look at them in full-size)

The exterior is NOT CUTE. But with a new paint color, some shutters and new landscaping, I think it will make a huge difference. It is on over half an acre with huge trees, you can't see them here.

Feel free to pray that we get it. It is WAY in the budget. Also pray that we can sell our house quickly!

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Blair Jones said...

i think its great! i think you're right about the shutters and landscapping, it will add so much. count us in for helping to paint and plant :)