Monday, January 28, 2008

Good News and Bad News

Good News? None of us have strep or the flu. Praise the Lawd.

Bad News?
NKOTB is back.

seriously Donny?
and anyone else familiar with an INSANE rumor when we were kids about Jordan and the contents of his stomach? Just checking if that rumor made it across the ocean from Korea to the states or if that was just an Itaewon Village rumor.


Michelle said...

I do not know about the rumor of which you speak but did notice that GMA gave this story airtime earlier today. Seriously?

Natalie said...

So glad that you and the kids don't have strep! That puts the rest of us at ease as well. I was just thinking about calling you to check on you. Hope you are well. I hear Karl was sick today too.

MJG said...

Hey, Donnie completely redeemed himself by playing Lipton in Band of Brothers.
What did Jordan have in his stomach? I'm intrigued!
I'm pretty sure half of Asheville is sick. Hope things get better for your family soon!

Samantha Roberts said...

Hey Leslie, it's Sam.
Oh, yes, I remember the stomach content was definitely alive and well in my middle school in FL!

lesliesloan said...

sam, that is awesome. I love knowing that! To everyone else, you will just HAVE to ask me in person. Because I promise, I will not print anything like this so called rumor on my blog