Thursday, January 3, 2008

Oh the Weather Outside Is Frightful...

We got home late last night (more on THAT later and we had been warned that the roads were bad due to a snowstorm that hit Asheville yesterday. We came home to about two inches of snow, which was really fun to see since we had just left a snowfilled wonderland. We also felt very confident since we spent the whole week driving around in snow and ice covered dirt roads.

It was fun to see all of the snow, but it was not a major storm in the least. Our local news LOVES to make a big deal out of minor weather disturbances. Another local blog, Ashevegas loves to make fun of our local news station. Here is his coverage of their coverage:

What's in the news: Freaking out over a snowstorm that delivers an inch of snow

The local teevee news report had "team coverage" of our winter storm, and you'd think it was a blizzard the way they described it (see below) and the way it sent people running to the store and shut down Ashvegas. Businesses closed early and schools didn't even bother to open. Schools closed again Thursday. All because we received .7 inches of snow. The world ended for an official recorded snowfall of .7 inches of snow. Sure a few places got an inch or two more of that, but that's still not much.

What are we going to do when it really snows around here? The world clearly came to an end over a mere inch or two, so what's going to happen when we actually get a real snow of 6 inches? God help us.

Anyway, here we go:

The blustery winter blast that brought bone-chilling cold and walloped the mountains, holding us in an icy grip while winter's wrath pelted WNC with a mixed bag of precipitation and wind-chills
Did we use up all the cliches? Let me know, because I'd really like to get them out of the way. We've still got a lot of winter left.

Sheraldo and his Indiana Jones hat (now back in fashion what with the new moving coming out and all) posted his report from Madison County, noting that a "blinding snowfall pelted future I-26" early Tuesday, making it rough going for snow plows. "Blinding," Sheraldo? Really? Sheraldo said cars packed some snow down into a slick sheet of ice. He talked to a woman who might have had a frozen pipe under her trailer.

Larry Blunt, wearing some odd girl-glasses, noted that many churches didn't have services. He said the Blue Ridge Parkway closed. Then Mike Cuevas in the weather center said it would be windy and the wind chill at midnight would be below zero. Anybody out at midnight would have to be crazy.

Back outside, John Le followed around a guy in a wheelchair and gave us a lot of nat sound to help us feel how cold and brutal nd blizzard like the storm really was. The "extreme conditions" made downtown Ashvegas "ground-sub-zero," Le said. Give. Me. A. Fracking. Break. Le, wearing a Sherlock Holmes cap, talked to people waiting for the bus. One woman said she lived in Alaska and this weather was worse than that, while a dude from Connecticut made fun of all us Southerners for being weather wimps.

Keeping with the team coverage, Charu told us how DOT prioritizes which roads are cleared first - the main roads first, then the secondary roads. She said Long Shoals Road (close to WLOS studios) and Tunnel Road were not top priority roads for DOT, but she didn't really explain why roads like Long Shoals and Tunnel weren't top priorities.

In other news...
A tree fell in Arden and hit a house on Forest Ridge Drive. No injuries.

Back on the team weather report...
WLOSers, midway through their weather report, told us that Haywood County out west actually got the most snow from the "storm" and that there were triple the number of emergency calls to dispatchers. Shouldn't that have been the lead story? Heather Graf, who said he car wouldn't start Wednesday morning, said most wrecks were on Interstate 40, and were caused by people driving too fast.

Oh how it feels so good to be home! The one disappointment is that since there was SO MUCH (ugh) snow, they cancelled the kids Mothers Morning Out which I was totally counting on. Guess I have to take care of them today.

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