Saturday, January 26, 2008

He's Got A Man Cold

I just got finished putting everyone in my house to bed. By everyone, I mean everyone.

I had to take Matt to Urgent Care this afternoon because he came home with his teeth chattering because he was running such a high fever. How high? Try 105.

So, Robin Plemmons comes over and watches the kids while I take Matt to Urgent Care. They swab him and it turns out that he has Strep Throat AND the Flu.

Sweet. They said that he would be highly contagious until Thursday. That's right, Thursday. Oh and yes, ALL of us received flu shots in December.

Just to remind you what Matt can be like when he is sick just watch this again:

I just watched the first five seconds of this video again and it just made me roll my eyes at the sound of the mouth breathing and the pitiful little sighs. I am already SO OVER him being sick. I mean, I feel REALLY bad that he feels so rotten. But seriously.

FYI: Instead of a little bell, Matt is texting me from behind the door in our room. It is actually considerate because if he was yelling, the kids would want to go play with him. So he texted me, "Can you bring me my cold medicine?" Awesome. I am so looking forward to the next five days.

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Michelle said...

He's texting you??? Man, that is rich. I am not even going to put that little idea into my husband's head b/c he'd be all over it...and not just when he gets sick. Best wishes my sista!