Thursday, October 29, 2009

Best Sister in the World

The only reason I ever give thought to have another child, is simply this:
To give Lucy a sister.

I love my big sister more than I can really talk about here.
We talk daily all about big things like how to handle discipline issues, best cook a lasagna and how to get a stain out of leather shoes.

But we also talk about the little things like how cute Mr. Shuster is on Glee, how a hilarious costume for Halloween would be if a man taped Massengill to his chest with a little baggie underneath it and if only NJ were next to NC.

We are different in so many ways, it makes our friendship great because we can talk about a million things.
But since we came from the same family, we have a million things in common.
Does it get better than that?

Today it did.

She preordered me The Pioneer Woman Cooks and it arrived on my doorstep today.

She loves me. She REALLY LOVES ME!

It's her birthday next week and well...I think my gift for her pales in comparison.
Oh well. I guess I win this time round :)
Love you!

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Michelle said...

I almost fell off my chair this morning when I saw this! You have me all teary-eyed. LOVE YOU so much! (But seriously, what is up with picture of me in bathing suit and that crazy hat? )