Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Has It Really Been A Week?

We did in fact survive a weekend at Rockbridge last weekend. More than survive-it was awesome. I loved getting away with my high school friends, even though I was throughly beaten by the week prior to leaving (more on that later). It was so fun to get away and play and laugh and love them. It was freezing-an early entrance to winter was very unwelcome on the weekend...but that's okay!
It just means more time for high school girls to wear UGGS. Seriously. Out of say 400 girls in camp, I would say 389 had a pair on at some point in the weekend.
Not me.
Cause my husband wouldn't let me buy a pair at this years Lost and Found Auction. (I'm not still mad about that or anything)
But here are some fun pictures to review:

Giant group photo. Yay for groups!

Let's do a crazy one. Let's even include the plant. Also, look way to the left of the picture to the girl in the green pants pushing 100 high school kids. What will happen when she does this?
Oh look! The most fun they've ever had taking pictures AND breaking their leg at the same time. Thanks to the 31 year-old mom!

Just so all of you know for future reference:
The game to not really play with high school kids is called "Apples to Apples"
One of my usual favorites. But it's terrible to play with people have 1) not developed a sense of irony and 2) have no sense of history; pop, cultural, literal or their own.

This was an actual sentence out of a girls mouth, "Why are dead people included in this game?" Dead people? They suck. I mean they are of no use to me. Who is this guy? His name is stupid. What kind of name is Humphry Bogart anyway?"

I proceeded to scratch my eyeballs out and pretended to enjoy the rest of game without winning a single round simply because their rationale for selecting a winner made no sense whatsoever to me. It was not based on making sense, or making fun of the game (like most adults would play the game). I think it had to do with colors or something. I don't know. But we did play it for about an hour. The hives are going away now.

It is always helpful to remind myself in these situations that the freshman in my cabin were born when I was junior in high school; 1995. Which means they were FIVE YEARS OLD in 2000. Just saying. Bad game. Bad bad game.
Also it was a new perspective on the name Humphry.

Oh! I almost forgot! We made this video for our banquet this year and thought my loyal readers would like it. It's a YoungLife-A-Pa-Looza post!


robin said...

oh hilarious. to be a fly on the wall watching you play that game in the midst of all those Uggs.

5 yrs old in the year 2000???!!!!! Holy holy crap that makes me feel so old.

Buffy said...

That video is amazing! Really, it's so good. Zoe and I just watched it and she said, "Uncle Matt a jay bird!". Funny.