Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Family That Pick's Apples Together...

On Friday, we made our yearly pilgrimmage to Sky Top Apple Orchard in Flat Rock, NC to pick apples and have a fun family outing with the Knauers.

We ran into our friends The Espinosa's. Matt lived with Josh in college. He told Matt not to date me cause he heard me fart. Little did he know that would draw Matt closer.

The kids were in great moods, even though it was about 50 degrees the whole time.
Note to self, turn towards someone to look skinnier.

Mmmmhmmm. These are the tasiest things you have ever eaten.

Looks like Bennett is going in for a kiss here. Nope only the Apple Slushies. We decided to give the Slushies a try based off of Margarita's suggestion. Good call.

Can't wait until we get to go back next year!


MJG said...

I used to go there with the Moldrups and we LOVED those slushies. Glad the tradition has been passed on!

Josh said...

Not fair as the entire account of the talk was 100 percent truthful.
But touche'.

Was great seeing y'all.

Michelle said...

I love all these pictures. Now I want a slushie!