Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Cowbell

With great sadness I have to announce that I have lost my ipod.
I initially lost it to the fact that it was not aging gracefully and did not make the leap to itunes 9.

But then itunes announced a bunch of fixes and I went to find my now defunct ipod and I can not locate it. As in, disappeared. Never to be seen again. Maybe. I have truly turned my house upside down and can't find it.

It doesn't really matter because of course, I have now fallen in love with an itouch ipod.
How has this happened?

Well, an irresponsible high school boy left his itouch in Matt's car last week and we didn't know who's it was. So, I had to find out. In the middle of finding out, I found out I love the itouch.

Of course, I don't believe this h.s. boy DESERVES said itouch for several reasons:
1) on an 8gb itouch he has only 192 songs. It holds over 4,000. I have since found out that high school kids just erase songs they don't like/tired of. ERASE SONGS. That they paid for. What? I can't fathom. What would I do without my entire Ren and Stimpy soundtrack?

2) He hasn't noticed it missing yet. We have had it now for nearly two weeks. Not out of spite. I tried to give it to him several times. He keeps re-forgetting it. This is why you are not allowed to have nice things I think in my mom voice in my head.

3) He has not initiated the mail feature, the calendar feature, no pictures, no applications other than games. So this is just a video game machine. *sigh*

4) I took the ipod with me to the Y last night to go running and I selected one of his playlists just for fun to see what it would do for me. This is how it went:
The Killers: some song I didn't know but was fun
The Turtles: So Happy Together. Really?

Just watch this and you tell me if you think a high school would normally have this on their ipod:
Then there was a song called "Kiss me Through the Phone" which is a pop-hip-hop song. Full of nonsense but fun. I like it. Weird to follow the Turtles? Yes. Especially when you hear the sentiment "Kiss me through the phone" over and over again.

After that...Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult. For real.
Which means I can only think of this skit on Saturday Night Live the whole time.

Oh high school kid. Tell you what. I will trade you a real crappy 6 year old ipod Nano for your itouch. Cause, I have one of those that I am using in the meantime and I hate it. Whatdya say? No? I didn't think so.

So instead, I need all of you blog readers to click like crazy on all the ads on my pages so I can afford to buy a new ipod. Kay? Thanks.

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me said...

Hey there stranger! I'm glad to see that you guys are doing so well! I'm also sorry to hear about your missing iPod! Unless you've managed to solve this problem already, I might have a solution for you. Long story, but I'm going to be getting rid of my iTouh at the end of the month. I got it for free when I bought a new computer (yay for still being in school!) and was wondering if I could pass on the wonderful freeness and send it your way. Just let me know!