Thursday, March 25, 2010

My pet project for the last few months has been launching a new website

I really do love these products and if you click on the blog, you can see that my kids do too :)
I think that's because all of you know that between me and the kids, we can make quite a mess. Drinkclip's keep drinks safe so that they don't tip over when they are near your computer, on the floor or grass when outside.

We have been at a bunch of events with the Drinkclips and Beltclips and seriously, they really do work. I have them, use them and are even dreaming up new ways they can be integrated into my daily life. (I know that's my job...but bear with me.)

They are great and if you love will go there now and order up a couple. Cause...they're awesome and you could use them.

Then, take pictures using them. Facebook (become a fan! See the little link on the right hand side of this screen?), Tweet, YouTube, do whatever it is YOU DO. And then share them with the world and send them to Cause everybody can use a Drinkclip or Beltclip. No joke. Go now. Go!

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Michelle said...

You know I love this product and am excited to have just placed an online order!