Friday, March 26, 2010


We are heading out to go run in the Cooper River Bridge Run momentarily and I know I have my priorities right because all I have been worried about this week is:


I must have good songs playing on the ipod or I will die going across the bridge.

So, I thought I would entertain loyal readership with the top 30 songs that I will click through QUICKLY to get me through at least the first three miles before I settle in.

Here we go:
The Distance: Cake
Things that Make You Go Hmm: C+C Music Factory
Ray of Light: Madonna
Whoomp There It Is: Tag Team
Temperature: Sean Paul
Rhythm Is A Dancer: Snap!
Cmon Ride That Train: Quad City DJ's
TubThumping: ChumbaWumba
Gonna Make You Sweat: C+C Music Factory
Cradle of Love: Billy Idol
It's All Been Done: Bare Naked Ladies
Rain King: Counting Crows
Stronger: Kanye West
Shake It: Metro Station
Pump Up the Jam: Technotronic
Dancing With Myself: Billy Idol
Anyway You Want It: Journey
Push It: Salt N Pepa
Poker Face: Lady Gaga
Pump It Up: Elvis Costello
Are You Gonna Go My Way: Lenny Kravitz
Show Me The Money: Petey Pablo
Love Me: Justin Bieber (Judge Me-GO AHEAD)
Rock Your Body: Justin Timberlake
Pump It: Black Eyed Peas
Kick Drum Heart: Avett Brothers
Tick Tock:Ke$ha
Fergalicious: Fergie
Right Now: Van Halen

There is all kinds of other assorted nonsense on the ipod to "get me through." But these are the top 30.

We are hoping for under 55 mins. We'll see what can be done!

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Blair said...

loooooove when you post playlists on here! can't wait to add some to my current list.
i'm seriously stressing about putting something together for our race in two weeks. can't imagine trying to run 13 miles while constantly skipping to the next song on a playlist because i don't like the beat/artist/genre etc.
can't wait to hear about the race!