Wednesday, March 10, 2010

That Hurts My Feelings

Last week Lucy was feeling a little under the weather. Nothing too serious. But she said one time, "my ear hurts"
I made an appointment to be seen the next morning.
But the next morning, no complaints, no fever, she was off and running and we canceled the appointment.

On Monday night, Asher came out of their room saying Lucy was crying.
I went in there, Lucy had thrown up in her sleep.
Have you ever done that? Me neither.

So we kept her home from school yesterday.
But she had no fever and no problems yesterday. In fact, she was rolling all day.
It was a great day.
I made the executive decision that she was well enough to go to YL Club with us last night and we all loaded up and were on our way.

A few minutes down the road, she said this phrase, "I just tasted throw up in my mouth."
All I could say back is, "No you didn't."
"Yes I DID."
A few more minutes go by and she says it AGAIN.
I give her a sip of my Diet Coke to settle her stomach. I mean, we HAVE to get to club.
She burps and then throws up all over my car.

Lucy starts crying. Because throw up is on her "blankie."
Whelp. Guess we are going home.
I do a quick u-turn and start heading home.
Asher starts crying. Because we aren't going to club.

While driving, I remove Lucy's blankie from her lap.
Then she starts crying because she has vomit all over her.
I have NOTHING in my car to assist with clean-up, except for Asher's jacket.
I use his jacket; which makes him start crying HARD.

He tells me, "Stop using my jacket to clean up throw-up. That hurts my feelings!"
At this point I start laughing.
I mean, both kids crying, throw-up all over my car, Young Life club just an hour away (or so) and clearly Lucy has an ear infection but I can't get her to the doctor because she is covered in throw-up, the office is closed and everything is going downhill.

Oooh. The most ironic point of the night? My intro story had to do with how Asher had the throw ups and the hot poops so many times in the first two years of his life. My talk was about the bleeding woman and how Jesus was at a moment of being overwhelmed because he had just been asked to heal someone's sick daughter, the crowds were pushing in on him and then this woman touches the edge of his cloak. Who does he take care of first?

Who do I take care of first?So. Do I go to club? Do I take Lucy to the doctor? Do I stay home even though I am speaking? It was seriously the hardest moment of being a YL leader that I have had as a mom. I was really sad and felt painted into a terrible choices corner.

So, all three of use were crying when Matt called to check in on us.

I call our doctor's office and our doc mercifully calls in a prescription instead of making us go sit in Urgent Care for hours. Matt came home and took care of the kids so I could speak and even so, Lucy cried for hours last night due to the pain within her ear.

But today? All better.
All hail the power of antibiotics!


becca said...

holy crap. that is pure ridiculousness. i'm so sorry, leslie. i am so impressed that the wee ones go to club. every time i think about doing this job with kids it makes me want to throw up. but not on my blankie.

Buffy said...

um what is this picture?!!