Monday, June 7, 2010


It is hard to believe that a nearly five year old and a three and half year old would conspire to make a few days as hard as they possibly can all the while, on-the-surface, looking cute and innocent and making it look like I am simply losing my mind over minor and insignificant little things. That's how two small preschoolers do it.
It's subversive.

But every now and then.
They slip up.

Like yesterday.

When one of the children (and I won't name names *cough* girl *cough*)found and ingested several tabs of Sudafed while I took a shower. And I got to call Poison Control to find out that she could spend the next few hours hallucinating. And she did. A little. It was special.
She also spent much of that time crying. I could be patient, if not with a little eye roll thrown in there for good measure.

But after the kids were playing on the playground and Asher slammed her head into a doorway, it was time for an early bed time-at 7:50.
Normal at home. Early at camp.
They've been going to bed at nearly 10 every night here since they have been going to club.
So I felt like a mean mom, but I had enough. It was a long day.
So they went to bed, I went to club. Because well, my kids NEVER WAKE UP. They sleep like the dead.

Club was over, the Obstacle course was being sold when a work crew boss came to find me and told me that "my kids need me."
My kids who normally sleep like rocks, woke up to find camp totally blacked out and Mission Impossible music blaring. I'm sure that wasn't too traumatizing.

I found Asher in the dining hall. He was fine. Lucy was in our cabin wandering around covered in tears. They went straight back to bed and were asleep in 30 seconds.
I didn't think it was possible for them to make it a longer day.
But they sure did.
Way to go kids!

They almost look innocent don't they?


Natalie said...

Oh my! Of course they would wake up the night you decide to put them to put early and go to club alone! Thanks kids! Not fair and really funny at the same time. Miss you.

Leslie Ruth Petree said...

I think we're all curious about those hallucinations...

Don and Ri said...

So glad I never had to call Poison Control (cough cough) Oh, and sudafed? That could really do Drew in.
Hope the rest of the week goes better!

robin said...

i love this story. so fun to see you sort of face to face today.