Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Digging Out

We are digging out here at the Sloan household.
I have been busy uploading some videos onto YouTube from our last week at Frontier Ranch.


Here is a video of Lucy giving a little summary of the program. It makes no sense. So you can get a good idea of why none of these other videos makes sense either. Young Life camp is a place to experience, not just watch through video!

These are the Lumberjacks. Matt and Ryan Eaton's characters. They rap, it's really silly and they made us laugh all week long.

This is the giant swing "The Screamer"
The wives did the swing before the men got there, so there is of course no photographic evidence. All that exists now is this video and lots of snarky wives standing around. Enjoy the commentary you can overhear!

Asher and McKenna Hennigan doing the Virginia Reel together. Of course I missed the moments of them Kissing on the Cheek and Bumping on the Rump. It was adorable!

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