Friday, June 11, 2010


Another week, another fantastic night of dressing for the Chaffee County Restoration Society.
Lucy was very excited to dress like a "cowgirl" until I made her wear a bonnet.
Then the lip came out.

But wasn't it worth it?
After several people told her they loved it, the lip went from a frown to upside down and she had a fantastic night. She never left my side, so she is in every picture I took.
But that is another story.
Strong to quite strong. Carry on men.

Asher thinks that the outhouse/hideout is hilarious.
More Lucy!
Take a look at all of the materials that are going on in this little girls outfit.
I love it.
And how much butt is getting sent out to the world.
J Lo: You are officially "on notice"
Lucy and Cruz Rockwell.
Total cutey.
Asher and Lucy are surveying the scene set before them in the Tableau.
It is really a sight to behold seeing all of this go into motion.
Lucy alas has fallen for yet another single program guy.
Ryan Eaton.
She is smitten.
She couldn't stop giggling at dinner.
What will we do with her?
I absolutely love this picture.
I know it is hard to tell what it is:
But Asher is trying to make the Non-Laughing Indian Summer Staff guy laugh at the Carnival by telling him his terrible knock knock jokes.
It was hilarious.
You had to be there. Just trust me.

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