Friday, June 11, 2010

Frontiersville Part Deux

Pretty sure I'll be framing this one. I love the blue bucket.

Asher and Lucy with classic "Lucy girl" face.

The Prohibitionists are a part of the Tableau. And their signs really make me laugh.
*I don't believe these signs are the official stance of Young Life regarding alcohol: simply a historical reference.
So laugh away!

And the whole night ends with a big giant square dance under the lights in the infield.
It is romantically beautiful and amazing to see 450 high school students learn how to square dance in under 5 minutes AND love every minute of it.
It's one of my favorite nights, but mostly because of how kids get to be kids again and not mini-adults pretending to be busy on Blackberries and iPhones and coffee dates. They are dancing and laughing and being silly. They are under the stars, dressed up, enjoying friends and THEMSELVES maybe for the first time in a long time.
There are so few places that offer the space to do that anymore. No performance necessary.

They just to be themselves. The freedom and the lightness that you can see in their faces would make you weep if you stopped to think about it.

I love this place and that we get to be a part of something great in someone's life.
We get to be a part of someone's STORY.
How amazing is that?

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