Saturday, December 25, 2010

He Appeared and the Soul Felt Its Worth

The reason why we celebrate Christmas?
Jesus. We got it off on the right foot.

We woke the kids up this morning.
You read that right.
We WOKE our kids up this morning and our family sang "Happy Birthday to Jesus" and then proceeded to tear the house apart with the giving and receiving of gifts.
That my friends,
is a mouth FULL of Reeses Butter Cups at 7:05am.
Not a Red Rider.
But a pretend Pump Action Hunting Rifle.
Just like dads.
Somebody was super pumped.
I have to stop letting her watch America's Next Top Model.
Look out! Santa didn't visit us on Christmas-DARTH VADAR DID.
Oh, my bad. It's just Asher.
I have the happiest husband on the block.
Duck decoys.
Merry Christmas Mommy.
My girl reading her new book to her stuffed animal kitty cat.
Be still my heart.
Somebody in the North Pole knows me really really well.
I guess I was a good girl this year.
Asher and Lucy put on a rock show right away this morning.
Then Lucy went into Lillith Faire mode.
And Asher is playing bass for P.O.D.
The wreck of Christmas 2010.

I stilled all my OCD'ness during the opening of Christmas presents
so that this picture could happen.
You're welcome.

Merry Christmas to you all!

PS: stay tuned-while opening presents, snow started falling! We now have 2 inches on the ground and much more is predicted on its way! White Christmas pictures will be up tonight!

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Gina said...

Love the aerial shot of the mess. Priceless! Happy I found your blog, Leslie :)