Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nativity Story as told by adorable children

I don't go for "cutesy" YouTube videos as a rule.
I don't even like to watch them.

I sure don't post them on this blog.

So this one doesn't fit that category.
Trust me. It's a live nativity scene performed by Australian children-so dang cute and it looks like it was a lot of fun to film.

This video has swelled my soul today.
And Lucy watched it no less than 10 times too.

"He has two Daddies. God and Joseph!"
That's my favorite part.

*Thanks to Sarah Spooner for the link


Anonymous said...

baby Jesus, the hero around the the world!...celebrate the season and the Savior...btw, you got the gist, and grace, nonnie

Amy Noll said...

i'm pretty sure this is exactly how it went.
my fav- the sheep and the glow sticks. my kind of nativity

S. Spooner said...

I think the giant star is my favorite...well that and the sheep and the glow stick dance party. I've watched it several times as well; I'm glad you (and Lucy) like it!