Wednesday, December 29, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Having not gone home for Christmas did cause a bit of nostalgia to rise up in me.
Nostalgia for what traditions; I am not quite sure.

We moved at minimum every four years growing up and so Christmas never looked exactly the same. We seemed to absorb whatever the "locals" did into our own family traditions so now we look like a collage of world traditions that don't seem to make much sense.

Christmas Eve in South Georgia:
"Sure, have another glass of Gluhwein, Opa!"
"Just pass it over the fried rice."

Or something exaggerated like that.

But it is home and you have to love the home that you grew up in. No matter how insane it might look to outsiders.
I saw this video last night on YouTube and it was so so sweet.
It made me want to bust out the video camera much more often around my kids.

And the real reason why I should use the video camera more often?
Right here.
Just wait until the last 15 seconds.

Disclaimer: Lucy dressed herself today.


Amy Noll said...

somebody's been watching his mother play too much Just Dance 2...
love this!

Miriam said...

That was amazing. Grayson is inspired. He keeps asking to watch it again. I love your kids. And really I love watching mini Matt and mini Leslie...LOVE YOU GUYS!

melanie mccord said...

future rehearsal dinner material right there. :)