Friday, July 19, 2013

Blow Me Away

I am 16 weeks away from the NYC Marathon right now and I am so stinking pumped.

Matt and I started looking at flights the other day and are trying to get all our ducks in a row to get there with enough time to have fun with family but also get all my race organization taken care of. Be a part of the Inheritance of Hope team and enjoy the whole experience. Also--it is going to be Halloween weekend AND my sister's birthday! SHEW. Throw that all in the pot and cook it.

I got my official training shirt from the marathon on Wednesday and I put it straight to use the next day on a hilly 6-miler the next day.

I just saw this video and I can hardly believe that I am going to get to be a part of these 47,000 runners crossing the Verrazano Narrows Bridge into Brooklyn in the NYC Marathon on November 3rd!

I definitely need your help to get there. I have a long way to go with fundraising. I can't get my bib unless I raise the money with Inheritance of Hope, so if you have been thinking about donating and haven't, I would love to encourage you to go ahead and join my team of support! It definitely helps the training to know I have all of you thinking of me and encouraging me!

Here is the link again: Inheritance of Hope 

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