Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fill My Playlist

As I start my training for the NYC Marathon this week, I have considered what songs I want to run to. Music is super important to me when I run. I almost never run without music and so often it is crucial to me to "craft the perfect playlist" for a run according to my mood to either lift me, slow me down or pump me up.

Right now this is what my playlist looks like for the marathon:
I have NO music.

I would love to ask YOU to help me fill the playlist.

For every $20 donated to the Inheritance of Hope, you get to have a say in what I will run to when I train for the next four months. For $50 you can claim three songs! Yes please!!!

When you enter your credit card info, there is a comment section at the end; this is where you can request your song. I can not wait to see what will come in. If nothing comes in...then I will have no music to run to.

Please don't do this to me! Every time YOUR song comes on, I will think of you! Your family! Your life! How fun is that? It will be like YOU are running with me!

Let's do this!

Click here to contribute and request a song. 

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