Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week 2: Training Update

I just finished the 2nd week of the training for the NYC Marathon and I am actually seeing the results of training!

It feels gooooood.

I saw some improvements in pace and in just little things, like I had to sprint up a hill to grab something from the car one day and it was absolutely no problem. Rejoice!

I ran two times inside on the treadmills at the Y.
It has been raining a TON here and I just got exhausted from trying to dry my shoes out, and in general just deal with muddy, wet conditions. I just ran on the treadmill, watched the news and listened to my "new playlist" courteous of my donors for the marathon! It was glorious. And boring. Not recommended but easy.

I hit 28 miles this week. It wasn't a huge leap in mileage over last week but about 5 miles more and than has added up the calories burned and time spent running! I'm doing a LOT more laundry this week.

I hit some personal "Bests" this week on the runkeeper app. Obviously I wasn't using this application when I was training for the half-marathons this Spring. But it is fun to see the improvements with this training alone and not over the last year.

I ran with the group of women training for the Asheville 1/2 Marathon on Saturday morning. It started spinkling as we headed out of the parking lot. As we finished up mile 2 it was an all out thunderstorm downpour. I have not "played in the rain" like that since my soccer days. Needless to say, shoes are in front of the dehumidifier today. 

The most important gear items I found this week are:
REAL running socks, not Target running socks
Moji Massage stick for sore calves, quads and IT Band
Handheld miniwater bottle for the long runs on hot days
Jelly Belly Sport Beans gave me some extra kick on my long run at the end. Tasty and easy to eat!

The craziest thing I 've done all week is stand ALL day long at Bele Chere (a free street festival here in Asheville) and sell parking spaces at our downtown YMCA in an attempt to raise money for Inheritance of Hope. My legs are shot from doing that--NOT RUNNING! I'm taking a rest day today from running and getting after it tomorrow. 

This upcoming week is slated to be a 30-mile week. 2 miles upward! 97 days till race day. 

Click here to donate to Inheritance of Hope!

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