Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fun pictures of Lucy and Asher

I took all of these pictures after Asher had thrown up only twice this morning. However, he has showered the house with his bile many, many times since then. He has thankfully been asleep since 6pm (due to the Phinergan that Dr. Fields called in for him-YOU ARE THE BEST DOCTOR IN THE WORLD).

Also, Matt got paint up in our bathroom and then had green paint drip across our carpet out the front door. It is doubtful we will be able to get it cleaned up. Perfect.

But this was a fun day of pics. Enjoy!


Michelle said...

YUCK! Ihope he's feeling better today and stopped all that business of puking. I hate, hate, hate vomit. I don't know why people say that it's different when it's your own kids. Not true. I still gag whenever I am faced with the chore of having to clean it. It's all I can do to get through it without getting sick myself. My sympathies to you.
I love Lucy's expression in the picture of her seeing Asher's belly. Precious.

pipsylou said...

Oh my goodness. I LOVE this! I googled "lucy and asher" for fun, and guess what! I have a Lucy and Asher, too! :) Good name choices! ;) Lucy is 2 and Asher is 4 months.

pipsylou said...

p.s. my real blog is the blogger one just has pictures! :(