Friday, March 23, 2007

Pretzel Chips Make My Day

The sickness is back with a vengence and twist within my body. I tried to take the kids to the park this morning to meet my friend my college and her kids and I got the "hot poops" while we were there (truth is, I had 'em before we left the house, but I thought "there's nothing left, we must be safe!") and just taking the kids out exhausted me. Being sick completely blows.

I brought the kids home, Matt came home to take care of Asher for a bit and I layed down to take a nap. A nice hard two hour nap. And when I woke up, I was 1) incredibly dehydrated and 2) so hungry. Then I remembered a special little trip that I took the grocery store yesterday and stumbled upon a product that makes me so happy: Kettle Brand Pretzel Chips! They are just like the pretzel chips they used to serve at Groucho's in Five Points. Mmmm Grouchos. Before Groucho's over-expanded and had to cut costs, so I haven't had pretzel chips in YEARS.

If only I had some 45 sauce, I would be doing alright. Except that the last thing my stomach needs to see right now is 45 sauce. ewww.
But anyway, they are DEEELICIOUS and hitting the spot on my ultra-sensitive stomach. It looks like Lucy and I are pulling out of family camp weekend while Matt takes Asher. I hope that I can make a full recovery quickly.
One bonus on having the stomach flu is that I am back at my pre-preggo weight! Not that this is the way you want to do it and as soon as I can keep solids in my body; it will all return. But it is kind of fun to see the scale!


Caroline said...

you really have a label titled "poop"! EWWWWW!

robin said...

mmmm hot poops! fantastic.

hope this runs its course soon! Looks like i am free from it so far! whew.

I had Groucho's in Charleston on Sunday & i thought about bringing you home a bottle of 45 sauce! And now i'm kicking myself!!! dangit.