Saturday, March 31, 2007


It was oh so lovely to be in the land of a real mall with real shops. Oh, it was very tempting. In one mall, on one corner the mall was Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. In the middle of those three, was J Crew. Upstairs was Sephora, Delias and Brooks Brothers. Yikes. I did some damage at J Crew because I really wanted to find a pair of khaki capris and that was the only place that I found a pair that fit and looked cute on me. Did I want to spend $60 on a pair of capris? Nope. But, I realized that since I will probably wear these pants every day this summer that I should go ahead and invest. Now, I am thinking that I need them in several colors. TROUBLE.
I also bought a new brush at Sephora, along with a moisterizer and face wash from Philosophy (my favorite new line). Oh, and I bought a cute new jean skirt from The Gap. I could have bought that in Asheville, but they were having a huge sale and I only spent $10 on it. I love that!
I really wanted to go back to the mall before we left Raleigh this morning to go back through Crate and Barrel and buy some items for the house, but there just wasn't enough time.
That is what the internets is for! Now that I have seen items in person, I am more confident about what I want to purchase in their online stores. I love that!

BTW: I saw Gwen Stefani on American Idol this week and I love her new song, "The Sweet Escape" she is coming to Charlotte on May 12. Tickets on the lawn are only $12. Anybody wanna go?


Spooner said...

What no stop at the Brothers? Where's the love?

lesliesloan said...

Sorry for lack of Brooks Brothers. I forgot my stroller at home, so I was carrying Lucy around in the Baby Bjorn for HOURS. My back was killing me and it was a pain in a$$ to take her off to try on clothes. I can only do so much!