Sunday, April 1, 2007


Many of you know that I am a pretty serious television watcher. I decided to share with you today what I will be watching this week and how excited I am about each show.

Sunday Night:
1. The Amazing Race: It is two hours tonight! I better see Mirna and Schmirna hit the road tonight.

2. Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel. Is anyone else out there watching this? It is one of my new favorite shows. So many of the amazing scenes have never been captured on film before. The Snow Leopard killing a mountain goat and dragging it back up the mountain was amazing. Also, is it just me or are panda bears look like they are cartoons and not real?

Monday Night:
3. The Hills. I am a sucker for MTV reality television.

Also, the national championship for Basketball. I am not so much excited, but I know that I will be forced to watch it. Which is okay, because I have an extensive television viewing list. So this is my penence.

Tuesday Night:
4. American Idol. It is unbelieveable that freakin' Sanjaya is still on this show. I found my renewed love in Gwen Stefani last week and can't wait for Tuesday.

Wednesday Night:
5. Friday Night Lights. Yes this is fiction, but since I love me some high school students...I love this show.

6. Top Design. Todd Oldham sucks as the host...but I love seeing new design ideas.

7. American Idol results show. Why watch Tuesday if you won't watch Wednesday?

Where to begin? New Grey's, new the Office, new 30 Rock...My TiVo is going to get burned out from all of the joy.

I will be at the beach starting on Thursday, so I doubt that I will be watching much tv beyond Thursday night. But what joy is going to come this week from all of the new shows! I love it!!!


Michelle said...

Excellent line up. I think you should try to add The Showbiz Show with David Spade on your line-up. It's a bit mean spirited but oh, so funny! We just started Tivo'ing it and it never fails to make me laugh!
While you're filling out your Nielsen diary please, please, please do not watch The View. I doubt you watch it anyway, but I want everyone to boycott this show. Rosie has got to be stopped, sacked and sent out to pasture. She is an evil presence on daytime TV with her anti-patriotic views, conspiracy theories on Iran and WORST OF ALL--belief that our gov't is behind 9/11.
Okay, I'm done ranting now.

robin said...

um, please TiVo The Soup on E!


i think you'll appreciate it.

When is Heidi going to wise up?! I want to slap her & tell her to wake up! He is such a skeeze & a jerk-a-zoid.

(see, i can be G-rated sometimes)