Monday, April 16, 2007


I just got back from working out at the YMCA this morning. I was fired up because I had to wait a little while to get the kids into the childcare, so I was ready to jump on a treadmill and just get going. I scored a treadmill right away, I set the machine up and was running. About 30 seconds into my run, I caught a whiff of the guy next to me.

Living here in Asheville, you get an opportunity to live amongst the crunchiest people in America. Many times, I love that characteristic of this city. When I am working out, I am not a fan. I mean, these people STINK. It is not like, wow-maybe you forgot the Deo this morning. no. They are fanatically against deoderant. And they might even tell you, "after a few days-the stink goes away." I am here to tell you; no it does not. And it doesn't go away after 30 minutes on the treadmill.

I tried to give the guy a benefit of the doubt. I looked at how much time he had been on the treadmill, I mean...maybe I was catching him at the end of the run. Nope. Eight minutes. He had been on the treadmill for EIGHT MINUTES and smelled like a landfill. I thought to myself, well at least I will have eight minutes at the end of my run without this smell. No again. After he finished, he got off and adjusted his time on the signup wall and started to run for ANOTHER 30 MINUTES. Arghhh!

After I finished my run, I went over to get my ab routine underway. I was doing abs and smelled the bad b.o. smell again. I even felt bad, like "maybe I stink and here I was judging that guy and being annoyed by the fact that he is out in public-SWEATING and stinking. " But no, it was another crunchy stinky gym rat. Seriously? Two in one day?

At least the Y requires you to 1) wear clothes and 2) it can't be denim. Otherwise, I don't think that I could go back.

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