Sunday, April 8, 2007

Beach is Lovely

Hello All! We are still down here at the beach. Unfortunately, it is about 55 degrees today, but the weather is expected to improve and hopefully we will be in the high 70's-80's by Tuesday. We have had a wonderful time down here in Florida. Matt's parents joined us last night and my parents will be here this afternoon. I have a lot of great pictures, but of course left the cord at home again. Here is a picture from last year's girls trip here to give you a taste of what we are experiencing:
I had to search for over an hour today to find wireless service, so I doubt that I will be back very often. In any case, things here are great and we are so loving the very badly needed vacation!

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Michelle said...

I'm really missing my daily dose of Leslie. Looking forward to having a new blog update & pix! Love ya!