Thursday, April 26, 2007

No Rest for the Weary

Sorry for no posts in the last few days, I have been pretty busy with deadlines at work and haven't had as much free time as I would like!

But yesterday, it looked like I was ready to achieve a little down time. I worked all morning as the kids were at Mother's Morning Out and after I picked them up, I brought them straign home and both laid down to take a nap. I finished up a few little details with work, picked up the house, ate lunch and then headed outside to my front porch to drink a Diet Coke and read my newest Real Simple. Soon after I sat down (I mean, five minutes), a dude comes riding up my street on a really old riding mower. He (and this is hard to describe) takes his mower off-road into the front yard of the house across the street. Our nut-job neighbor recently died and currently nobody occupies the house. So this guy is riding his mower in this yard, he does a lap around the house and drives back down the street. That's it, just a lap around the house. Here is a picture of the guy:

I took this picture because the whole scene weirded me out so much. Last night I asked Matt if he knew who it was and he said, "oh that's just Everett. He was one of Joe's friends." I guess I would like to think that when I die, my friends would miss me so much that they would like to take a lap around my house on their riding mowers. hmph.

Anyway, as soon as Everett drives down the street...Lucy wakes up from her nap. I had a total of 15 minutes. After I get her up, change her diaper; I hear Asher crying in the monitor. He pooped in his diaper. So I change his diaper and he is up and at 'em. Right after we return upstairs, I hear Slappy crying. So I go get her back in from outside. As I am returning into the house I see my Diet Coke (unopened), my Real Simple (barely cracked) and Lucy's baby monitor. I also see that my quiet, restful afternoon while the kids took a nap is going to go unrealized.

I wasn't able to clean any of that up until 10pm last night, when things finally settled down around our house. The days are long but the years are short, right?


Michelle said...

Seriously. If one more person tells me to enjoy this age with my kids because it will "fly by" I might go berserk. As your blog points out, getting 5 minutes of rest is very rare for moms of young kids.
It's not that we don't enjoy our kids and all of their amazing moments, it's just A LOT of work with little to no down time.
Often, I find it hard to even enjoy my quiet moments because I know there's something that needs doing OR that someone will interrupt it before I can blink.
Just know that someone else out there completely understands. Seriously.

Michelle said...

HOW could I have forgotten to comment on the super hot mower guy? Yowza!