Monday, April 23, 2007

Fixing the Network

I just managed to fix my network after it has been down since Sunday. Don't bother calling me amazing-I know I am! My computer troubles having been weighing me down for the past week. I tried networking my printer last weekend. After four hours, I managed to get it to work and I have no idea how. After using my printer (and loving it) for three days, my network card in my computer broke apart, so I had to go buy a new one. Which meant I had to reconfigure my network again to accomodate this new card on an old computer. This sent my printer server beserk and I couldn't get it to work again. I called Linksys, they told me that this printer server was defective and I needed to take it back and get another one. This is no small feat with two children to network your house, then have it break down, then have to run all over town to get another server and then try to do it again. The new server didn't work either and after another TWO hours on the phone with a Linksys tech, he finally checked the compatability with the server the printer and guess what? They don't connect. So I again had to return the server and get a NEW one. Once I got home, the whole network was down and I couldn't get it fixed. I called Charter and they are sending someone out TOMORROW to fix it. I just got off of the phone with Matt and he told me that he messed with the cable lines outside of our house while I was gone getting the new printer server.

So I just went outside, rearranged the cables and Voila! I fixed it. Now, I have to attempt to reconnect my new printer server AGAIN for the third time this week. -sigh- I just don't have the energy.


Caroline said...

How in this world do you or Matt know what to do with cables outside of your house???? Perhaps crazy fits with amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Leslie, I just wanted to second you being amazing, because, honestly, I couldn't and still can't understand anything you were talking about. This is what I know: turn on the computer, click on the internet button, connect camera for pictures, turn off computer.

Michelle said...

Ellen and I are at the same level. You amaze me too! I feel like having Pat, my personal IT guy, read your blog to see how smart you are! Clearly, you got the smart genes in our family.
What I love most about the pic of Lucy crying is the empty beer bottle in the background. Well deserved! Love ya!

lesliesloan said...

glad you noticed that shellie :)