Friday, August 29, 2008

Mighty Gamecocks

Last night, Matt and me and the Williams (Matt and Hannah) drove down to Columbia for the season-opener for college football, South Carolina vs. NC State.
We were so fired up to watch 2008 Gamecocks at home, to see some college friends, family and to show our friends WHY we went to USC. Our plans were not a disappointment.
The 34-0 drubbing was great fun. Although, I don't know a Gamecock fan that wasn't disappointed with our first half effort.
Nonetheless, we had a great time-until it was time to go.
We finished our visit in the sauna called Williams Brice Stadium with Matt's family, met Chris Fowler from SportsCenter and then the Gamecock fans showed just how classy they were to our friends from NC State.

The entire way back to our car, Matt and Hannah were yelled at, cursed out and it was terrible. Not frightening, just embarrassing. I mean we just beat them 34-0, don't you think that you could have just said, "Good game" in a really sarcastic manner?

Anyway, we got back to our car and we noticed that not a single car was moving along Shop Road. For over an hour. It was a parking lot with everyone sitting in their cars with the cars running. There was a throw-down between a guy Matt knew and truck driver...where the guy was threatening to beat the driver's a** and his passenger laid down in her dress on the pavement to make a point. It was ridiculous.

But finally, traffic got moving and we were on our way at 1am back to Asheville.
Around 2:55am we were about an hour from home when we came across two police cars crawling along the highway outside of Saluda. We were the first cars to see this sight. If you need a visual, think of the boardgame Parcheesi. We had no option but to stay behind them and see what was going to happen. An hour and three miles later, we came across the accident that caused us to sit in the dark and barely moving for an hour in the middle of the night. A mobile home split in half across the two northbound lanes of I-26.
We quickly got past it and pulled into our driveway at 4:30am. Wanna know what time I saw Asher's face? 5:55am.
Fantastic night.


Anonymous said...

Yo mama may have told you to beware of mountaintop experiences; they are often followed by a long visit in a valley! And yes I know just how thrilled you must have been to see your precious child at 6 AM!

Buffy said...

Awesome. Way to go Gamecock fans...make us proud. Sorry Matt and Hannah!

Natalie said...

All I could say when I read this was Oh no, Oh no, Oh no! I am glad y'all had fun at the game though! This would happen to y'all!

Jessica Freas "Freeze" Kenny said...

Yeah! Loved that win! I was happy considering my husband is an NC State fan! I hope Smelley starts Thurs. He deserves it after that win! Sorry that Matt and Hannah went through that and that you had such a long drive home!