Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Way for NBC to Really Capitalize on the Olympics

How is this for an idea?

After staying up until after 1am every night for two weeks, plus watching the Olympics during the requisite "prime time" hours, in addition watching MSNBC during my kids nap time; I still feel like I missed 85% of the Olympic Games.

I wasn't able to watch much of the boating events except for the Men's Eight, only the Badminton final, some Clean and Snatch (yes, I watched that) and minimal water polo.

Yet, my Olympic Fever has not dampened AT ALL. How about NBC start running all of the events that they didn't cover on say "Bravo" or the USA Network? Let's watch the events that we didn't always win gold or even heavily favored for gold? What about Pistol? Or Fencing? (which we swept-but there was no coverage) Could I please have a replay station on my OnDemand feature on Charter Cable?

I swear, the TV people are smarter than me because I will be forced to watch the National Convention coverage simply because my butt is used to being on my couch at 8pm sharp. But I would much rather watch the replay of the Steeplechase over a bunch of politcos waving flags or flip-flops or whatever they are going to use these next two weeks.

I am an American. So of course I will be watching. But give me Men's 70-meter Archery final every day of the week. Not literally. But some version of that.


Anonymous said...

AMEM! Oh, and how about more coverage of the siblings who all won medals in taekwondo and were coached by another sibling. Did you see any of that? I know there were events other than swimming, gymnastics and the 100 m dash!


Anonymous said...


I had it out with the tv over them skipping the final medal ceremony in swimming to go to the prelims of track & field only to go back to swimming and say, "Just a few minutes ago we saw the medal ceremony for the men's 4x100 medley relay and we also saw Michael Phelps awarded swimmer of the meet by FINA." I wanted to reach through the computer and strangle the producers.

And I didn't really care to see all 2hr 45min of the women's marathon...can't they cut away to say synchronized trampoline every once in a while and just check back in with the marathon??

liz froba said...

what the heck is clean and snatch???

lesliesloan said...

It's a weight lifting event have to pick up the bar from the ground up to your shoulders (that's called a clean) and then throw the weight up above your head (that is the snatch).