Friday, August 15, 2008

Warren Bazemore

So hilarious! This is a good friend of mine and Matt's from college. His claim to fame was that he was the "Slinky Boy" and sure enough...there he is. Red-headed Warren singing his heart out!

Going back to Columbia this past weekend made me miss our college days and friends. We are hoping to get down there for a few games this season; football AND soccer. I am fired up for sports right now. Olympics, college football, college everything. Have I mentioned that I love the Olympics with a passion that is nearly unmatched; except the Tour De France. I love watching Badminton, water polo, team handball. I mean, whatever obscure freakin' sport is on...I will watch it. I think it goes back to us living in Korea when the Olympics were there in 1988. Olympic fever is here. I just watched the ENTIRE opening ceremonies. Why? Just cause. Get ready peoples...Olympic Fever is here.


Ed Eubanks said...

Good stuff. Don't you wonder if he got teased (mercilessly!) for that?

rawbin said...

i haven't seen that in forevah.

too funny.