Friday, October 3, 2008

Lucy Pace Sloan

Lucy has come into her own in the past few weeks and she has become the dearest thing to me. She makes me laugh and melt all day long.
She is also, apparently starving to death.

At her school, the teachers have been telling me that as soon as she is done eating lunch, she gets down and starts trolling for leftovers from her classmates. 
This week, they did a craft with gluing popcorn onto a copy of a lamb...who's child did not put a single piece of popcorn onto the sheet but instead in her mouth? Take a look:

We had our Weaverville Co-op this morning and I can safely say it was the most fun and easiest time we have had with all of the kids since before they were born. We took a walk and thankfully I had my camera with me. Adorable or what? And yes, Bennett Knauer wore a bike helmet backwards on his head the entire morning, even through a diaper change. 
That's impressive.

And Robin showed up with Ruby in her tummy still.

I love this town.


Nichole said...

Sweet little Lucy. She's a minimalist!

Michelle said...

I love all these photos and the sweetness of life that comes with friends and their kids. It makes me happy to know you have been so blessed.