Sunday, October 5, 2008

One of the Best Weekends

We are heading into another work week, but can I say that I think we had one of the greatest weekends we have had as a family.
Our kids rocked. They slept, they played, they stayed up late. It was good times.

Friday night
We went to the North Buncombe/TCR Football game. And my kids charmed the entire color guard until we became friends. Seriously. I hit it off with an ENTIRE PACK of high school girls thanks to my kids. Who says you can't do Young Life as a grown-up? Not me. It was awesome.
We lost the game, but headed home and the kids went right to bed thanks to it being nearly 10 and they were FREEZING at the game. I have to go buy Lucy a hoodie-SOON.

Also, Robin Plemmons water broke in the middle of the night on Friday! YAY baby Ruby on Saturday!


Sky Top Apple Orchard. If you live in the area and haven't visited this orchard in Flat Rock, then you don't know what you are missing. It is good clean, CHEAP family fun. We packed a picnic and met the Knauers and the Goforths at the Orchard.
We all played on the playground, picked AMAZINGLY good apples right from the trees.

Fed the chickens, sheep and goats. Walked through the "Bamboo Forest" and took a tractor ride. We followed that up with fresh made doughnuts, went home and took a three hour nap.

That was me. The kids slept for two hours. God bless Matt Sloan and a white noise machine for giving me the gift of a long nap.
The entire day, I was trying to get updates on Robin. But nothing was happening. Ruby just wants us to wait.
We ate pizza and took a family walk. The kids played and we had a great evening around the house. They went to bed and we just watched college football and enjoyed life around the house. It was the second weekend since July that we have had at home and it felt amazing to just sit here.

Church and it was awesome. Best service we have experienced thus far. Anxious about Robin the whole time. After church, I had enough. I got dressed for my soccer game and went to the hospital. I got to see Robin and Zack and they looked terrible. It had been 36 hours of labor and nothing was happening. They were talking about a c-section.
I left to go to my soccer game which we won. It has been so fun to play with my college teammate, Lexi. That was followed with a 2-year old birthday party for Bennett Knauer, then back to the hospital. Ruby was born soon after I got there!
I knew it would be awhile before I could see Robin, so I decided to wait until tomorrow. Came home and got a call from our real estate agent that we will have an offer on the house tomorrow! WOO HOO! We might even have 2 offers since there are a few other people interested. We will have to wait and see tomorrow!

We also had a YL team meeting to plan for the rest of the semester and let's just say-I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do with us all this year.

Speaking of that, we are leaving for Sharp Top on Friday with over 100 kids from Buncombe County. Somehow, I don't have anyone to watch my kids for the weekend, so if anyone I know wants to take on this task...drop me a line!


gooddog said...

Wonderful... an offer!! Praying that goes well and you can sell that baby :) Your weekend does sound so good. We had a laid back one too- playgrounds, picnic, 2 bday parties, church, naps. Naps are the key! Anyway, praying for your weekend at Sharp Top and for you to find a sitter. Love the updates. BLessings.

Buffy said...

Girl, I am so excited to read about your weekend! It really made me so happy to see all the pics and hear that you and Matt are arriving at that glorious place where you can actually do stuff as a family. That's awesome. So glad y'all had a restful weekend.

AHHH! The house! Cannot wait to hear. Call me today!

Also, in case you are wondering, yes it is 7 am and I'm on your blog.