Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Young Life Leading

I have officially been involved with Young Life for 12 years this Fall. Which is crazy.

Last year Matt, me and two other leaders started doing YL at a school that was new to us, but not new to YL. With not a single leader returning to the team, we were surprised by 80 kids showing up at the first club.
We spent the whole year just trying to make our way at the school and somehow handle the ministry that was literally handed to us by so many other people's blood, sweat, tears and prayers. I am not gonna lie, it was really fun to have a lot of "ready made" relationships and be able to go deep quickly with a group of senior girls.

This year looks a bit different. For one, all of "my" seniors graduated and are off at college. For another, the other girl leaders on the team are not back. So its me. ME with a whole slew of girls. For those of you who need an idea of what a slew looks like, think in the range of knowing over 200 girls at the school, an assortment of about 50 of those 200 come to club, 12-15 come to campaigners and just today, three asked me if I could spend some time with them one on one.

I am not saying any of this in a prideful way because, well...I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of this school and many other people have poured into these girls for them to even be WILLING to say hi to me, much less GET the idea that I would love to hang out with them.

And of course, I would love to hang out with them. But I feel overwhelmed at how to do all of these things. Plus, these girls are not exactly worried about if someone else says something bad about them to the cheerleaders. My 12-15 are pretty much the party girls, the crazy girls, the ones that no youth leader would feel excited about in their right mind; cause they are prettty much the definition of TROUBLE. But I am so fired up. And freaked out because I can't really give to them the way that I want to.

In truth, I feel like the story of the widow from the Bible who gave a mite to the Temple fund and Jesus said she was more blessed than people who could give more money. All because she gave more than she could have or should have. I should not be in these girls lives with how little time I have to offer. But somehow, it keeps happening! And it is blowing up. It is incredible and I am so excited about these girls and getting to be real friends with them and to be a person that they can trust. It is such a privilege.

And come next Thursday, we will live less than five and half miles from the high school. Can you believe that it is really going to happen? I can't wait to invite girls to just come over after school and take a walk with me and the kids. I can't wait to invite them into my life, while trying to love them in the middle of theirs.


Blair said...

leslie----this is so encouraging! and while i don't have two kids to add to the responsibilities, its so encouraging to know that some other staff wife that's volunteering feels the same way.
ps: we can't wait to see the new house!

Meg said...

It still blows my mind that I was one of those very same girls to you 10 years ago! It feels like yesterday. Well, at least a few months ago... And I know you were busy with school and soccer and everything else then too, and I hope you know I never thought you were giving any less than everything you had to us! You're such an incredible leader and just a pretty fabulous person in general - believe me, they're just as privileged.

lesliesloan said...

awww chicky, you were one of reasons I have never stopped doing this! I love you!

Rebecca said...

thank for loving on those girls. i miss them so much, and i am praying for more girl leaders to help you.

Buffy said...

girl, just getting around to reading this post and I'm so glad I did! That's so encouraging. I really don'g know how you're doing it..I know it's more than overwhelming. Pryaing that your strength will be from leaning into the Father. Love you!