Friday, February 27, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Although I haven't been posting about working out very much lately, I have been keeping up the routine four-five times a week and so have Matt and Ben. The benefit? None of our clothes fit the same.
The detriment? All of us are incredibly vain right now.

Just kidding. But seriously.
Just kidding. No really.

Anyway. I was at the Y the other night trying to squeeze in a last minute workout before The Biggest Loser came on because, well I feel disgusting if I just sit there and eat cookies and watch that show without working out. So I went to the gym while the DVR was getting a workout and Matt was putting the kids in the bed.

I arrived and the place was dead, but there was a small group running on the treadmills and I like running next to others so I joined them. Next to me was a guy who had been obviously running for a little while-he had worked up quite a lather at a pretty stiff pace. I jumped on the treadmill and my ipod cooperated in playing some very fun music and soon I was matching his pace.

My ipod then changed songs and I picked up the pace. The guy next to me adjusted his pace to match mine and this went on for about 18 minutes until we were running 7 minute miles. It was fun because he was matching me and we both knew it, but we never said anything about it. But WE were CRUISING. I mean, I was feeling good.

That all ended when I accidently hit the emergency stop rope magnet and my treadmill immediately came to a halt.

My sudden change in pace threw the guy next to me off so badly that he actually flew off the back of the treadmill into the elliptical machines, then the bikes and he was reeling in the fitlinxx staging area shaking his head.
It was hilarious! But more hilarious? How badly I felt. I actually apologized for ruining our workouts and then I proceeded to push my treadmill to the limit for the next 15 minutes and ruin us. I managed to pass the USC Women's Soccer 2-mile test for the first time since college. Two miles in under 14 minutes.
I was feeling pretty dang good about myself. I want to thank Bret Michaels and the rest of the boys from Poison for Unskinny Bop that helped push me through the final two minutes.


jcristg said...

I am going to delurk to tell you this is the funniest dang thing I've read in a long time.

Nichole said...

I nearly spit my Lucky Charms onto my keyboard. That's hilarious.

Also: Way to go! That's impressive.

Michelle said...

You crack me up!