Monday, February 9, 2009

My Doll Baby

Lucy has been turning on the two year old charms lately in the most fantastic ways.

Last week, we were driving around town running errands at sunset and she just up and noticed how pretty it was-ON HER OWN. She just said, "Look mommy! The pretty colors!"

Be still my heart.

On Saturday, we were getting ready to go play in the park and it was really nice out and I was putting on my Chaco sandals that my girlfriend Natalie has as well. And Lucy said, "Are you wearing Natalie's shoes?" But in an adorable two year old voice that sounded like "Wear Natalie's shoes?" with a very high pitch to it.

I love this for so many reasons.
1. I haven't worn my Chaco's in months. Maybe since September or October. Neither has Natalie. But Lucy knew that Natalie had these shoes.

2. Lucy noticed my SHOES. Hello. Someone NOTICED ME IN MY HOUSE. It's like a miracle that I am becoming a person worth noticing again. And not just that she noticed me. But my shoes. Only a little girl would do that.

3. I was wearing my Chaco's in February because it was 78 degrees in February. The Lord knew that I was about to lose my mind with all of the snow days and nonsense that this winter has brought. I am so ready for Spring that I am about to snap.

Of course all of this changed on Sunday when Lucy peed in her underwear and so Matt was letting her run around the porch without anything on under her dress. She was crawling into my lap when she pooped right onto the floor next to my chair.

Thank goodness she did not poop on me or I might have thrown up right onto my child.


Buffy said...

Isn't that the greatest?! These are the joys of having daughters, I think. I remember Maggie saying once, "Oooh, I like your new underwear!" when she walked in while I was getting dressed. So funny and so nice to have another girl in the house to notice the important stuff.

Michelle said...

It really is so amazing to have a daughter, ins't it? Just wait, wait until you see her wearing a tutu for ballet. It's amazing!
Sarah came saw me getting ready to go out this past weekend and told me 1) that I smelled good and 2) that I looked "fabulous." Yes! This is the daughter I always pined for and that God blessed me with having.

Natalie said...

I feel so honored to have made such an impression on your child with my chacos!

Miriam said...

Oh how I laughed out loud at the last paragraph, woke jon up (he was snoring peacefully beside me on the couch) and I read it to him out loud. he didn't laugh as loud as I did, but that's ok.
I hope we have a girl someday, pretty sure Grayson will never notice my shoes...