Friday, February 20, 2009


It has been quite the week around here as I am guessing you have surmised since I have not been updating the blog.

It is Friday and I have developed an eye twitch from the week that I have just experienced.

Asher has decided that exploding into tears and throwing fits in public is a good idea so I don't really know how to handle that. But I have new resolve thanks to a trip to Ikea that opened in Charlotte on Wednesday.

I had to get away from Asheville, from Asher, from Lucy, from my house and go be with my two girlfriends and breathe in Swedish furniture, coo at kitchens and salivate at cinnamon rolls and meatballs. In that order. It had to happen or something bad was going to happen.

The best part of the week though has been chronicled at Margarita's blog. It is why I love Thursday nights at my house. Click here to check it out go ahead. But ALL of the videos. It really comes together in a fantastic way in the end.
You'll like it. It will only waste five and half minutes of your time. But the joy will last you into the weekend.


rawbin said...

i just peed myself.


kelly hipsher said...

yummm, the meatballs at Ikea are da-bomb